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My name is Eric Buckman, and I don’t consider myself a photographer.

I consider myself a storyteller. One who captures precious moments that can’t be put in to words. Someone that sees the world in a different way and strives to share that perspective. To me, a picture is never just a picture. With every single image, I want to convey the emotion that was there in that moment. Whether it’s a bride getting ready for her wedding, or a senior who is ecstatic to almost be done with school. Whether it’s a head shot for a person with a heart full of ambition and drive, or a couple getting their engagement session done that are bubbly with love and excitement. I want my pictures to show that emotion. To tell that story.

I’m based in Pittsburgh, PA, and I am absolutely open to travel. I specialize in portrait, engagement, and wedding photography. I go in to every single shoot with the goal of making those pictures my best pictures yet. I like to have fun when I work, and I believe if you’re not laughing and having a great time, I’m not doing my job right. I strive to capture your personality and character in to every image I take of you. I love being creative with people, helping make their visions a reality. Want to try something crazy? I’m always down for a challenge. I absolutely would love to work with you, so you should definitely use the form below and send me a message.